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3 Tips To Make Your Journal A SECRET Journal…

Hello dear memory keeper,

one of the reasons my friends are hard to persuade to start their own journal is because they are afraid that their parents or their siblings will find the journal and read it. Of course that is a threat some of us face.. Here are a few little tips and tricks to make your journals secret, so you don't have to worry about that!

Disguise your notebook

You can do this by putting an ordinary books sleave around it or just use a plain notebook. That way no-one would suspect that this is your journal. I take my journal with me everywhere I go, so it's safe and I always have an eye on it. If you want to leave it at home, leaving it in it's book cover disguise on your bookshelf is a fairly safe option.

Don't tell anyone that you are keeping a journal

Since I am all about charing your journals and making it a testament of your life, which includes your family and friends, I don't want to tell you this, but the easiest way to keep your journal secret is to not tell anyone about it. If your siblings don't know you have a journal, they won't go looking for it. It's that easy! 📷

Change the Names of people

I use only the first letter of the names of people in my journals. Of course you can call the people you are writing about anything you want. Be creative! But keep in mind that you may not remember who you mean with Mario &Luigi.. So maybe make a little note of who you mean by who in the back of your notebook. I tend to write a little index of people in the back, when my journal has filled up and I won't be taking it anywhere with me anymore.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment below and share it with us. Please don't let the fear of somebody reading your entries keep you from journaling and growing as a person.

Hope you have nice day!!

Love Lynn <3

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