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Fighting The Fear Of The Blanc Page!

Hello dear memory keeper,

you may be reading this blogpost right now, because you have decided to start a journal. You may have already bought yourself a beautiful notebook, that suits you and that you feel comfortable with.. The only problem is, you don’t know how to start writing. You are having a staring match with the blanc page and it is winning.. We all know this feeling! Here are a few tips and tricks I use, to get over my fear of the blanc page and win that staring contest:

Paint the background:

This is just a way to get started. Get out your watercolors or distress stains or anything else you have and splash it on. That way you get familiar with your journal and you don’t have to stress about the writing part yet.. I can see you staring at the color palate now and thinking, well which color should I take? This doesn’t make it any easier.. and all that. Stop! Take your favorite colour or the one that speaks to you the most and just start painting in a motion that feel natural to you.

Write down the date:

The first thing I do every time I open my notebook and want to start journaling, I write down the date and time. It gets me into the flow of writing and it will help me in future when I go through the notebook in a few months time. Also I am now obligated a little bit to write something. Of course time is optional.. I didn’t used to add that at the start, but I have found that it helps to understand what you wrote a little better. It makes a difference if you wrote: I am so exhausted! at 8 am or at 8pm..

Start with: My Name is..and I am..

This may seem self explanatory, but in doing this you have put your pen to paper and have made the first step, if this is your first time journaling. You could continue with your age, what you do for fun,.. You get the gist. If this is too ridged or too plain for you, then try something else.

Write the first thing that comes to mind:

You may be sitting at your kitchen table with a cup of tea and some cookies staring at the first page. Write about that! What kind of tea or coffee do you drink? How do you take it? How are you feeling right now? Why is it so hard for you to start writing? And just go from there.. It is as easy as that! 📷 Write about the weather, what you did today, what you are wearing, why you are starting this journal.. There are many different journal prompts out there, if you need more inspiration.

Glue something on the first page:

A very simple thing I do, when I don’t want to face the fear of the first page of my new journal, I just glue in a picture of me or a postcard that I like and move on. That way I have personally gotten over the whole stress of making the first page look perfect.

Hopefully this helped you in some way and you are ready to write now. So hop to it! Have a nice and memorable day!

Love Lynn <3

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