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Important things you need to know before starting a journal!

Hello my dear memory keeper,

You want to start a journal.. that is great! Congratulations! You may be unsure of what you will need and what you have to know and consider, but thats what I am here for… 📷

The first thing you need to know is, that there is NO right or wrong way to journal! Everyone has different needs and other ways to utilize their journals. Your journal is supposed to be a place where you explore yourself and be creative. Make it your own. There are so many different systems to journal out there, but you have to find out for yourself, what you need and what suits you.

Over time you will explore different ways to journal and this will be your path to find YOUR way to journal. It is totally normal to try out different techniques and systems. And many won’t be the right one for you. Thats ok, leave it and move on. You will evolve over time and so will your journals.

You may have seen a lot of different journal pages on pinterest and instagram, watched a lot of different videos about journaling on youtube and are now inspired to start your adventure. Keep in mind, that you are just starting out. Don’t be disappointed if your first pages don’t look as amazing as the pages you have seen online. You don’t know how much time and effort these people put into these pages. You will get there, too, but over time. And that is totally OK! If I look at my pages from two years ago, when I first started out keeping a daily journal, I can see how hard I was trying to copy the things I had seen on the internet. These pages are not nearly as nice as my pages are today, that I have made out of intuition and my own creativity. Today I have the feeling, that I can say, that I have found my style, my way of keeping a journal. But maybe my journals will look totally different in two years from now. Journaling is about you and your metamorphosis. Please, don’t stress about these little things too much!

Your job now is, when you are first starting out, to ask yourself, what do you need? What kind of journaling speaks to you? This will determine, where you will start. Are you more a writer? A planner? Or do you want to let your inner artist roam free? Try a few things out.. Explore the possibilities!

Now it’s time to choose the right journal. I have written a separate blogpost about this topic, so go check it out!

I hope this was helpful! If you have any other questions you want me to answer, please just leave a comment here or on instagram @lovelynnslife.

Love Lynn <3

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