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YOU Should Start A Journal RIGHT NOW!

Hello my dear memorykeeper,

you may have been browsing through my blog, hopefully being inspired to start your own way of documenting your life, but you haven’t reached for pen and paper or your camera yet. Why not? Are you thinking, I don’t have anything to document, my life isn’t exciting? Or, I don’t have the time? I have come up with 4 reasons why you should start journaling emidiatly. Like in NOW!

Firstly: Your life IS worth documentation!

The thing I hear the most often, when I talk to people about my journals or journaling in general is, that they would love to have a beautiful journal, too, but they don’t have anything to write about. That is not true! Your life is beautiful and meaningful in its own way and thus has the right to be documented. Your life is worth documentation! So why wait another minute to start documenting you and your awesome life?

You CAN find or make time!

Journaling is so time consuming. I don’t have the time to journal.  I have to stop you right there! You do have the time! Think about your daily routine. I bet you have a few minutes here and there. You could listen to music andjournal at the same time when you take the train to Uni or to work everyday. You can’t watch the odd youtube video and splash on a little color at the same time? Come on! And if it means to get your journal out and write in it in the commercial breaks of your favorite show in the evening. That is a start! You don’t need hours time on end to put your thoughts on paper, just a few minutes here and there.

You will be so glad you started!

One of the first things I see everyday when I get up are my filled journals on my shelf. You can’t imagine how glad I am I started keeping a journal again in 2014 ( read more: my journaling rap sheet ). It gives me so much satisfaction to read through them now and again to see how far I have come, how much my life has really changed and to laugh at the little stories of my everyday life in school. It’s a time capsule, a vessel, a creative outlet, a companion. I guarantee you, you will be so happy and glad that you got your thought and feelings down on paper! And if it turns out journaling isn’t for you, then at  least you can say you tried it for a while. It won’t hurt you to start! Promise!

It is a great tool! 

Your journal is your best friend. If you had a bad day and you need to vent, your journal is there for you. Don’t call a friend and bitch about what your boyfriend did or didn’t do.. she has her own stuff to go through, too. She doesn’t need to listen to you go on and on about your problems. Just write it down and get it out of your system. Also if you have a lot going on in your head and you don’t know how to solve your problems, writing everything down helps you to gain some perspective on everything. Solutions will come to you much easier. And you will feel better one way or the other!

So I hope you are grabbing a pen and a piece of paper at the moment and getting started with some kind of documentation!

Best wishes for your journey of self exploration and memorykeeping!

Love Lynn

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